Laerte Fernandez, President of TF2, WTO’s distribution partner for Brazil and Daniel Sierra, WTO Sales Director, visited at FEIMAFE leading machine tool manufacturers which have equipped their machines with WTO precision toolholders.

A ecoTurn 310 was equipped with WTO precision toolholders including adjustable angle drill/milling units.

Daniel Sierra, WTO; Carlos Brancaglione DMG MORI; Laerte Fernandez, TF2 (WTO Distributor)



A Multus U3000 was equipped with WTO precision toolholders.




A Maxxturn 45 was equipped with WTO precision toolholders.




Facts Feimafe:Feimafe is the most important international trade show for the metalworking industry in Brazil for the Latin-American market. The six-day event ran from 18thto 23rd of May for the 15th time in Sao Paulo.

The next Feimafe will be held at 2017 in Sao Paulo again.